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Selfabet ABC’s of Self

Self AwarenessSelf BeliefSelf ControlSelf DeterminationSelf EmpowermentSelf ForgivenessSelf GratitudeSelf HealingSelf intentionsSelf JusticeSelf knowledgeSelf loveSelf MotivationSelf NuturingSelf OrientedSelf PerceptionSelf QuerySelf RespectSelf SufficientSelf TranscendentSelf understandingSelf VictorySelf WorthSelf Xray – examinationSelf YogaSelf Zone

Spiritual Garden

“What so ever a(mind) soweth, that shall(they)also reap.” —Galatians 6:7 Sow three rows of peas: Peace of mind Peace of heart Peace of soul Sow four rows of squash: Squash fear Squash doubt Squash negativity Squash selfishness Sow four rows of lettuce: Lettuce be positive Lettuce be loving Lettuce be uplifting Lettuce really love one …

I Laugh

As time goes by and moments passI think about how much i laughI laugh at pain and laugh at fearI laugh at sorrow i laugh through tearsI laugh at no’s and laugh out loudI laugh at defeat i laugh at doubtIt really doesn’t matter what life throws my wayI’ll laugh all night and laugh all …