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Our Specialist in lifestyle coaching is unorthodox but very effective, Learning what you want in your life and how to navigate is the key.

Social Media Coach

Learning how to grow your social media can be a daunting task but lashmibaas can help you take it to another level.

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Video editing and video production for business growing their company reach.

Hi, Were are here to help life coach dallas Start Achieving Success in Your Business Today.

We have started a soul coaching business with spiritual games to help people achieve the dreams and reach success. This affects any area in their life including their mental well being, financial and spiritual.

  • Seminusic to help experience transformation through music
  • Natal Charts to experience the natural blueprint of the spirit.
  • Human design to open up the thought of their center.

The thirtieth path is called the universal consciousness because through it, masters of the heavens derive their judgments of the stars and constellations, and perfect their knowledge of the celestial cycles.

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Successful Stories Comments our clients have shared with us.

I now make a wish bind which provides that the Higher self will supply me with all things necessary to live a success-filled and happy life. I dedicate myself to be of continuous service to the Higher Self and my fellow man, to live my life as a positive example for others to follow. I remain an open channel for the Higher Self will and direction. I go forth with a spirit of love, enthusiasm, and expectancy. I am at peace with myself.

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We are here to help you with what ever part of your life you need to increase success in. Don’t miss your opportunity to change your life today.

Coaching Sessions One-on-one coaching personal or via Skype with me.

Life Coaching Program

$ 399 /mo

4 sessions, 60 mins each, once a week.
Get Life coaching charts, designs and more

Financial Coach

$ 399 /mo

4 sessions, 60 mins each, once a week.
A look into your financial profile instructions
on how to invest and increase money

Career Coaching Program

$ 399 /mo

4 sessions, 60 mins each, once a week.
Business plan

Business Coaching and Mentoring We’re also offering two online Coaching and Mentoring Courses

Empower Yourself How to empower yourself

I now empower myself and give specific instructions to the Higher Self and my partners. At this step, each member of the Spiritual Support group states their needs and receives the support of the other members of the group. After each goal request, the other members of the group affirm together:

Be Grateful Take your career to the next level.

I gratefully accept and give thanks,knowing that the miracle-working power of the Higher Self has responded to my every request and need. Iac knowledge and assume the feelings I would have as if my requests were already granted.

How does a person become aware?

I admit that by myself, I am powerless to solve my own problems and improve my life. I need help

What do I need to comprehend?

I realize that erroneous, self-defeating thinking is the cause of my problems,failures,unhappiness,and fears

What is one belief I must obtain?

I believe that a power greater than myself, the Higher Self ,is responding to me in a very personal way

What should I decide?

I now decide to turn my life over to the Higher Self, surrendering my will and false beliefs

Take your career to the next level!